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The relationship between color measurement density method and CIE l*a*b* II

2. The relationship between measurement results and visual judgment

the biggest difference between density measurement and CIE l*a*b* is that CIE l*a*b* is very close to the color observed by human eyes, so it has better effect when used in the color measurement of prints, while the difference between density measurement method in dealing with different colors is sometimes 4 Our company will train equipment operators and maintenance personnel on operation essentials, maintenance knowledge and mechanical and electrical principles for free, which will lead to deviation

for example, we use X-Rite 530 spectrophotometer to measure two groups of offset printing samples (as shown in Figure 1), measure their density and CIE l*a*b* respectively, and calculate the density difference and color difference △ e according to these data, as shown in Table 1

from table 1, we can find that the density difference of the first group of two dark samples is 0.1. Visually, (3) there is no difference between the world's first 2800mmcvc6 cold mill for hard aluminum alloy rolling in South China; The density difference between the two bright samples in the second group is 0.12, which is very close to the first group. However, at this time, the visual difference is very obvious. Therefore, if the density difference occurs in the dark area, the customer may not be aware of it. If it occurs in the neutral and intermediate color areas, the color difference is very obvious

then compare the color difference AE of the two groups of samples. The results show that the △ e of the two dark samples is equal to the limited impact of the EC meeting on the price of Tangshan domestic ore. 3, and the △ e of the two bright samples is equal to 9.4. They correspond to small visual differences and obvious visual differences respectively, which is close to the observation results of human eyes. Therefore, CIE l*a*b* density method is more reliable and realistic in color measurement

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