Related concepts of the hottest N2000 chromatograp

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Related concepts of N2000 chromatographic workstation

Introduction to the unique concepts of this workstation:

integration method, component table, spectrogram, org file, mdy file, dat file, manual integration event table, etc

3.1. Methods (.Mtd file)

method refers to a program that controls the workstation to display, sample and save, analyze and calculate, print, and record the test conditions at the same time, including sampling control, integral parameters, component table, spectrum display control, report format, instrument conditions, etc

there are three kinds of methods used in this workstation: storage method, default method and active method, with the extension of MTD

set up corresponding methods for different samples, which can make you more accurate, faster and more convenient. The relevant departments of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association have strict supervision on electronic tensile machines. More than 500 people from the door, the heads of affiliated units, enterprise representatives from all over the country, and the media participated in the forum to test samples, and truly record the experimental conditions of samples. Therefore, good habits should be formed in daily operation; That is, take a simple and intuitive method file name and save the modified method in time

3.2. Component table (i.e. ID table)

workstation component table is the basis for identifying peaks, determining component names, and calculating non normalization method

3.3. Spectrogram dat file

that is, a file containing only chromatographic data information, which is compatible with the original n-type and upper chromatographic workstation


the original processing data file, in addition to the spectral data, also includes experimental information and sample analysis methods, instrument conditions, integration and quantitative calculation results, result reports and other information. This is a binary file that can only be viewed, so it can ensure the originality of the results and comply with ISO9000 series and American GMP certification regulations. It is not allowed to modify it during post-processing, and it will be saved as MD lifelong maintenance after modification; Y file

y file

a file saved after modifying the original processing data (ORG file)

3.6. Experiment log

refers to the automatic recording of the method operation, data collection and other workstations when you use this workstation

it can record the operation of the whole system, including the establishment, saving, saving, loading of methods, the collection of experimental data and the preservation of files

3.7. The manual integration event table

refers to the collection of manual integration events such as spectrum manual animation baseline

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