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At the end of the year, household enterprises are fighting o2o to launch an online + offline marketing war

"our deposit is 10% off, and if the payment exceeds 10000 yuan, another 98% off." At present, when going to an Europa store in Guangzhou, the salesperson came up to promote it

in fact, towards the end of the year, the activities of various home furnishing and home decoration manufacturers are becoming more and more popular

"from the perspective of wardrobe and other furniture, the hottest months are October, November and December. In fact, we have different customer groups. The activities in October and November are aimed at different customer groups. Sofia held an activity for high-end customers in October, and for rigid demand in November. We also have activities in December." Zhou Wenming, deputy general manager of Sofia marketing center and general manager of e-commerce, said

at the same time, home furnishing o2o manufacturers have established the industrial alliance in the field of ceramic aluminum new materials diesel engine, which is also being promoted frequently. For example, the "kitchen Festival" and "double day activities" of the Qi family

"users near the end of the year are basically in the decoration completion period or decoration preparation period, so we are also guiding users to make preparations before decoration and lay a good foundation for later decoration." Qijia related person said to

and found that for home decoration o2o manufacturers, many are online and offline joint activities. Among them, one of the key points is the exploration and promotion of payment methods

Online + offline

at the end of this year, it is not "cold" for home decoration manufacturers. In addition to the above-mentioned enterprises, Shangpin home accessories, home decoration e station, etc. all carry out corresponding sales activities at the end of the year. Some enterprises even carry out multiple activities at the same time. Taking Qijia as an example, Qijia's year-end activities include "kitchen Festival", "free trial of Anzhu products", "double day activities", and so on

this newspaper found that for home decoration o2o manufacturers, these activities are generally carried out at the same time as "Online + offline". Taking Qijia's kitchen festival as an example, Qijia said: "during the event... If Qijia mall is not the lowest price, after verification by the station, the station will impose relevant penalties on the reported merchants, ask the merchants to adjust the price, and return double the price difference to the reported friends."

Qijia related people said that this activity is aimed at both new and old customers. "A large part of Qijia's customer base is spread by Qijia's word-of-mouth, so our customer base is relatively stable and accounts for a large proportion of the Shanghai market."

Sofia, which mainly focuses on entities, also promoted this o2o mode in the activities. For example, Sofia launched the "happy weekend shopping" activity in tmall flagship store, which is an innovative activity from the two dimensions of product performance and ecological environmental protection, "picking up coupons and store experience"

the experience process of this activity is "receiving coupons online - offline physical store experience - offline order generation - Taobao scanning orders - paying to enjoy coupons". Obviously, this process hopes to use preferential means to introduce customers from the store to the physical store

spread offline

installment payment, pay attention to after-sales comments, shop around, provide free design... Although difficult, these new models on the network are spreading in the home decoration industry

"there are several stations now, which can provide design drawings for free, and then carry out decoration." A person who has just completed the decoration said, "having a design drawing and not having a design drawing are different after all."

<2015 (2) maintain a high range of R & D investment in 2017 P> "free design" has become the slogan of many home decoration o2o manufacturers. For example, recently, Shangpin homestead has been promoting the publicity of free design on the official website of tmall

the sales mode in physical stores has also begun to change gradually

get a copy of the product ordering service standard process of europay home and a leaflet, which also takes "free door-to-door home decoration design and cupboard and wardrobe measuring service" as the focus of publicity

according to the above standard process, the first is to "sign the advance order and pay the deposit"; The second is the "designer's initial ruler", that is, measure the required area, discuss the design scheme with customers and provide construction suggestions; The third is "designers make plans"; The last one is "reply and sign the contract". After the scheme is determined, re measure, and calculate the quotation according to the design drawings and re measurement data. At this step, the contract is signed according to the quotation and the contract balance is paid

in the end, whether it is "free meals" or the reform of payment methods, these manufacturers PK the customer experience. "Convenience" is the focus mentioned by many home furnishing o2o manufacturers

"with the help of Qijia wallet and Qijia's business system, merchants can respond to service users faster and better with high-precision tensile strength testing machines, and truly make full use of the technologies and concepts related to Internet/mobile Internet and o2o in a traditional industry." Zheng Wenjun said

he said: "at an appropriate time, Qijia wallet will also expand to other areas of the o2o service industry."

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