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Strengthen efforts to resist the plagiarism of food bottle packaging

the food industry has always been one of the most promising areas for development. Now, food production is becoming increasingly homogeneous, and the gap between manufacturers is becoming smaller and smaller, whether in taste or production technology. Many businesses are difficult to distance themselves from their competitors in the market competition. Food bottle packaging is a part of the article that food businesses can do in the pursuit of product differentiation. Obviously, for food bottles, comparing the properties of long glass fiber PP materials with engineering plastics ⑴ will usher in a new round of development opportunities

if we observe carefully, we will find that at present, due to the large amount of industrial dust pollution and the relative concentration of pollution sources, the food bottles on the market are also very similar. In addition to the brand names on the labels, sometimes the outer packaging of food bottles produced by the two manufacturers looks the same. This is mainly because the production process level of food bottles is not as high as that of food boxes. For example, the production process of cartons is very high, and it is very easy to set an example for the production of food bottles, resulting in the phenomenon of imitation and plagiarism among manufacturers. Now, as food manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for product differentiation before the talks, and higher and higher requirements for food bottle packaging, how to effectively curb the exemplary and plagiarism of food bottle packaging has also become the focus of attention. Among them, it is very urgent to speed up the patent protection of food bottle packaging appearance and the introduction of relevant industry regulations

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