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Application of stainless steel in automobile compression rings

steel is not only increasingly used to manufacture components such as pistons, but also used to manufacture piston rings. The obvious trend of using steel as piston ring material, kestrang said, was originated in heavy-duty applications. If the fault comes from the internal open circuit or poor contact of the device, it is not only applied to the first compression ring, but also to the second and third rings

the first compression ring is made of nitrided stainless steel. The running surface of the piston ring in contact with the cylinder wall has a high wear-resistant coating. At the same time, it instructs the relevant units to calibrate the PCR instrument and other instruments and equipment for novel coronavirus detection, which also has a very high anti pulling performance. The coating, the so-called PVD (physical vapor deposition) layer, is deposited in a high vacuum and consists of CrN (chromium nitride), with a hardness of up to 1600 HV 0.050

The wear resistance of PVD coating is 4 times higher than that of the commonly used ceramic chromium coating. In terms of the performance of the anti pulling cylinder, significant improvement has been made, especially in the running in process

with the increasing requirements for the service life of parts, the importance of wear resistance is also increasing. Before the first overhaul of the engine, it is required to reach the operating mileage of 1000000 km. So far, no coating can achieve such high durability, especially when there is a high recirculation rate requirement for exhaust gas

through the double treatment of nitriding and PVD on the piston ring, when the PVD layer begins to wear at the piston ring gap, the nitriding layer can ensure the operation performance in emergency. In addition, nitriding also improves the wear resistance of the piston ring side

in the material application of the second ring, the nitrided steel piston ring is gradually replacing the chromium plated cast iron ring. However, unlike the first compression ring, they do not use PVD coating

the oil ring is also made of rolled steel strip and has been nitrided or nitrided with PVD coating

therefore, today's piston ring sets can all be made of steel. They meet the demanding requirements of commercial vehicle engines, such as engines, positioned for the future. (end)

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