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According to relevant reports, the output of China's foundry industry has ranked first in the world for nine consecutive years, and the output is about three times the total output of the United States, which ranks second. The processing and manufacturing of key components such as super large and super long pull rods, but the characteristics of China's foundry industry that is large but not strong still exist, and the modernization of industrial clusters is still not enough

take the Foundry Industrial Park and the foundry industry cluster as the carrier, take the foundry industry access system as the starting point, take science and technology as the support, and combine market allocation with government guidance when subjected to horizontal forces, give full play to regional advantages and resource advantages, realize the complementary advantages and cluster efficiency of the foundry industry in various regions, promote lean management, technological progress, product upgrading, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and optimize the utilization of resources, It is a strategic measure put forward by China Foundry Association to realize the transformation of China's foundry industry from big to strong by adhering to the principle of paying equal attention to both economic benefits and social benefits and taking the path of resource-saving, environment-friendly and social harmonious high-efficiency and sustainable development

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