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Improve the guarantee mechanism of scientific research funds: the development of instruments cannot be "stuck in the throat"

as an important "engine" of scientific development, and the catalytic role of scientific research instruments in the scientific research process is self-evident. Although China's support for scientific research instruments has been increasing in recent years, the R & D and innovation of scientific research instruments are often stuck by scientific research funds. If domestic original scientific research instruments want to really occupy a place, they still need multiple tests

The development of scientific research instrument industry requires not only advanced manufacturing technology and management ideas, but also the development and promotion of applied technology. The research and development of scientific research instruments cannot be separated from funds, making it an open-loop. How to allocate and use scientific research funds reasonably is of great significance to promote the transformation of achievements of domestic testing instruments and equipment, boost the rapid and sound development of domestic instruments and equipment, and enhance the independent innovation ability of domestic instrument and equipment manufacturers, It is of far-reaching significance to improve China's domestic focus and promote the development of microstructure refinement and stabilization heat treatment process for large forgings of nuclear power pressure vessels, as well as the application and quality of scientific instruments

for a long time, China's scientific research fund management has a strong administrative color. All kinds of red tape and cumbersome scientific research fund management procedures, systems and methods that are contrary to the laws of scientific research have seriously hampered the development of scientific research productivity and dampened the enthusiasm of the majority of scientific researchers. Although in the past two years, the national government departments have consciously increased the simplification of administration, decentralization and incentives, creating a good institutional environment for researchers to devote themselves to research, there are still some colleges and universities, institutions and researchers who do not have a strong sense of reform and gain, reflecting the problems of "too detailed and too dead" and "heavy and light people" in the funding of scientific research projects. Some of these problems are problems that have been clarified in policies and measures and need to be refined and strengthened in publicity and interpretation; Some are problems that need further research and improvement in project and fund management; Some also involve deep-seated institutional mechanisms such as the management system of public institutions and the income distribution system

the "too meticulous and too dead" of the fund management of scientific research projects is a major problem that puzzles researchers. Scientific research activities have the characteristics of instantaneous inspiration, random way, path uncertainty, etc., but the main technical route and general workload should be well known in advance, otherwise it will become a "target of nothing". In view of the law and uncertainty of scientific research activities reaching 9.1 million tons in 2015, at present, the budget preparation of scientific research projects in China follows the principle of moderation, unlike the engineering budget, which is "nothing big or small"

in addition, the reimbursement procedures of scientific research funds are complicated, the procedures are many, and the time is too long. Many university professors, scientists and other scientific researchers are forced to become "accountants" due to many problems in the reimbursement process, and cannot concentrate on scientific research activities. How to establish and improve the financial assistant system for scientific research, liberate scientific researchers from tedious affairs, and create a good environment for scientific researchers to devote themselves to scientific research. It is very important to provide professional services for scientific researchers in the aspects of project budget preparation and adjustment, expenditure, financial settlement and acceptance

although China's R & D funding has repeatedly reached new highs and achieved remarkable results, it can not be ignored that there are not a few allegations and trials of corruption crimes committed by scientific researchers during the period of undertaking scientific research projects. Preventing and controlling corruption in the use of scientific research funds, standardizing the rational use of scientific research funds, and playing its due role have become a work matter that needs careful consideration. How to strictly implement the relevant assessment system for specific scientific research projects, prevent and block loopholes, cut off profit-making channels, let every sum of scientific research funds be used on the cutting edge, and keep the right way of scientific and technological innovation and development is also the core issue of improving the guarantee mechanism of scientific research funds, on the premise of ensuring that the scientific research funds are not "dead"

numerous problems have become increasingly prominent. If the fixture slips, it is said that the improvement of the scientific research funding guarantee mechanism is imminent, and it has reached a situation where it is impossible to do nothing. How to deepen reform and innovation, form a dynamic scientific research funding guarantee mechanism, and make funding serve people's creative activities is an urgent problem to be considered in China at present

at present, the reform curtain of improving the guarantee mechanism of scientific research funds has been opened, and the majority of scientific researchers are full of passion to usher in the historical opportunity of prosperity and development and flying. It is hoped that in the future, through a series of system design and reform, the national financial investment in the field of science and technology will be more focused on the major needs of national economic and social development, more in line with the law of scientific and technological innovation, and more efficient allocation of resources

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