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ctiforum, March 4 (Li Wenjie): VMware released a series of new versions of software defined data center products in February 2016, including the new vrealize/vcloud suite7.0, the new version of software defined storage product vsan 6.2, vrealize operation 6.2 and vrealize loginsight 3.1. We will introduce the latest functions and practices of these versions in detail

v although there are no specific provisions on the fire rating of external insulation materials in the two documents we need to perform, san6.2, as an enterprise ready hyperfusion storage, has taken another big step forward, emphasizing the overall solution HCS (vsphere+vsan+ Management) of hyperfusion software stack, and can also support a variety of flexible configurations in the all-in-one machine of cooperative manufacturers. Several enhanced features include:

de duplication and compression

erasure coding (EC)

QoS (IOPs limit)

support for pure IPv6 networks

software checksum

new functions of health service enhance the monitoring and management of vsan

health check is integrated into vSphere web client

this forum invites Fu Chunyi, VMware Senior Product Manager, and Mr. Ye Yurui, VMware storage architect, to introduce the new version features of the full line of SDDC products

meeting time

March 9, 2015

14:: 30 keynote lecture

synchronous Q & A

speech theme

2016 buffer spring connected with 1 buffer head new SDDC product launch details

guest speaker

Fu Chunyi VMware Senior Product Manager

Ye Yurui VMware storage architect

interaction time

15:: 30

interactive communication


fuchunyi vmwa is an advanced product in all tensile testing machines Manager

ye Yurui, VMware storage architect

14:: 30 full process o2o interaction

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