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Looking forward to the future trend of IOT from the technical layout of industry giants

over the past five years, the annual eevia China ICT Media Forum and industry and Technology Outlook Seminar have been a weathervane in the industry, and have become a platform for discussing industry trends, mining market hotspots and advanced technology solutions. On January 14, eevia's fifth annual China ICT Media Forum on trends, innovation and win-win results and the 2016 industry and Technology Outlook Seminar Shenzhen station were successfully held in Shenzhen IC coffee. The focus of this year's forum is still on the industry hot spots. Guests and listeners from industry-leading enterprises were invited to surround Baidu, which is still the most popular search IOT application development ecosystem strategy, innovative energy-saving technology Mobile terminals and the latest IOT sensing technology. We might as well look forward to some development trends of IOT by taking a look at the technological layout of these industry leading enterprises that have been deeply rooted in the Chinese market for many years

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adi company is a frequent guest of the forum. This year, zhaoyanhui, the market and application manager of MEMS products in ADI Asia Pacific region, introduced in detail the advanced MEMS sensors in the IOT field and their existing successful applications in the IOT field, and expounded the coping strategies of MEMS products for the now rapidly developing IOT market

Zhao Yanhui introduced that ADI had invested in the research and development of MEMS as early as 1987. In 2002, the first iMEMS product was released. In 2011, ADI released the first MEMS sensor capable of supporting 175 ° high temperature. Until now, ADI is still the only manufacturer capable of supporting 175 ° high temperature sensor in the current cycle. For example, when ADI is applied to MEMS products in Xiaomi bracelet, its power consumption is still the lowest in the industry. He revealed that ADI will also release a series of MEMS products with lower power consumption in the future to meet the needs of the IOT market

Zhao Yanhui, market and application manager of MEMS products in ADI Asia Pacific region, in a word

at the same time, Zhao Yanhui believes that with the development of IOT market, the demand for sensors is growing, but customers' demand for the sensor market is also diverse. For example, some products need very low power consumption, some need low prices, and some need never to replace batteries. With the outstanding performance of low power consumption, high precision and high size, ADI MEMS sensors are still highly recognized by customers who imitate the characteristics of components, flange stiffness and other test results at a relatively high price, and win a large market share

Mr. lidongdong, product manager of Cypress Semiconductor analog chip, introduced the energy collection technology cypress energy collection solution, which was rated as one of the top ten best technologies on CES. Li Dongdong used the form of a story to show the participants the application of IOT technology in industry, smart home and agriculture, and explained that the two most important points in IOT are sensors and networks, and the biggest challenge of wireless sensors is how to make it power. Cypress' energy collection technology can collect the energy in the environment, and then apply this energy to power, wireless sensor nodes, etc. The most common light energy, kinetic energy and heat energy can be collected, and calculators, watches and dials are common energy collection devices

Li Dongdong, product manager of Cypress Semiconductor analog chip, and the latest energy collection chip s6ae101a shown by Li Dongdong is the world's smallest and lowest power consumption solar powered wireless sensor module. It has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption and very high integration, and is an ideal product to solve the power supply of wireless sensors

gallium nitride is a hot word at present. Power devices based on gallium nitride bring higher switching frequency, higher efficiency and higher power saving rate to our power supply design, but at present, the price of components based on gallium nitride is relatively high. In the keynote speech "market application trend of new Gan power devices" by caizhenyu, senior manager of Fujitsu electronic components marketing department, he introduced in detail the transphorm gallium nitride products represented by Fujitsu from the aspects of internal structure, current application, product characteristics and product price trend. Cai Zhenyu said that the design of transphorm gallium nitride driver is relatively simple, and it is very convenient for engineers to be compatible with the drive circuit and optimization design. With the continuous decline of product prices, it will be widely used in the future

in addition to ADI, cypress and Fujitsu, guests from qorvo company, analogix company and power integration (PI) company had heated discussions with media and engineers at the meeting on topics such as pre-5g infrastructure and terminal RF scheme, USB type-C interface full product chain scheme, new technology of fast charger, etc

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