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Accelerate the pace of international integration and write a new chapter of the Industry Association - the work deployment of Shanghai Association for packaging industry in 2003 is pragmatic and enterprising

in the face of the new situation of the internationalization of the industry association, and according to the requirements of President Li Xiaohang for the refinement of the work of the association in 2003, Shanghai Association for packaging industry held a secretary general's working meeting again a few days ago to speed up the work deployment

I. work on intellectual property rights. All professional committees are required to carry out the three tasks simultaneously in production enterprises, design enterprises and colleges and universities

second, do a good job in professional investigation and research. Each special committee should select a special topic related to packaging for research, so as to increase the accumulation of basic data for industry service and management

III. continue to do a good job in packaging after-sales service Tel.: 0531 (8) 7566760 industry price coordination. The price coordination of packaging products should oppose the dumping of inferior products and low prices, and safeguard the interests of both producers and users of general-purpose machinery and equipment for the transportation, separation, crushing, grinding and drying of certain fluids and solids

IV. formulate packaging industry regulations. In order to meet the new economic situation, it is necessary to strengthen self-discipline and unity under the organization of industry associations to cope with domestic and international market competition

v. statistical work on the packaging industry. Collect data from multiple channels, screen and sort them out, and synthesize more reliable industry statistics

VI. rectify and revise packaging standards. It is required to find out the background of packaging product standards by specialty, and strive to gradually integrate with international standards, so as to meet the urgent needs of anti-dumping, breaking barriers and other competitions to support cities to compete in the field of new materials with foundation, potential, characteristics and large market capacity, such as artificial intelligence, new generation information technology and advanced ceramics

VII. Establish an expert organization in the packaging industry. First of all, it is required to establish an expert group of the special committee according to specialties and characteristics, and then recommend to participate in the expert committee organized by the association

VIII. Strengthen cooperation and liaison with various packaging groups. All professional committees should hold an influential event with large groups

IX. do a good job in the packaging design and science and art exhibition during the Shanghai Science and technology festival

10. To adapt to the new situation of expanding the opening up of domestic and foreign markets, arrange a delegation to visit Taiwan and Europe

Xi. The paper container Committee continues to organize the work of the ninth annual meeting of paper product packaging cooperation

XII. The packaging and Printing Committee actively plans to hold the first national and the third Shanghai packaging and printing product quality evaluation, exhibition and exchange

XIII. Carry out industrial induction training and industrial exchanges

XIV. Continue to implement the policy of developing Shanghai's urban industry and cooperate with the construction of Shanghai International Packaging and printing city

XV. Participate in the selection of 120 packaging works in the Shanghai Industry Expo

XVI. Continue to use the annual "June 5" world environmental protection day to vigorously plan and hold activities to promote the green and white system

XVII. Mobilize the strength of enterprises in all industries to strengthen the construction of information networks

XVIII. Adhere to the democratic management of the association and give full play to the role of the director and leadership of the association

19. All special committees should actively develop group members through various forms

20. Evaluate the activity of "star rated packaging enterprises"

at the meeting, the Secretary General of each professional committee introduced the main work plans after refinement. According to the detailed work plan of the association, especially the index requirements related to each special committee, it will be enriched with good toughness, so as to concentrate the overall strength and ensure the successful realization of the 2003 work plan of Shanghai Association for packaging industry

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