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Strengthen top-level design, highlight demonstration and lead all parts of Henan to form a good situation of accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing

in order to seize the historical opportunity of a new round of industrial revolution, according to the arrangement and deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, since last year, the provincial industrial and information system has identified intelligent manufacturing as the central work, strengthened top-level design, highlighted demonstration and guidance, paid close attention to project construction, built service support, and created a development environment, All regions have formed a good situation of accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing, which has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and high-quality development

the digitalization summit of manufacturing enterprises was held in Zhengzhou

on the morning of April 11, the 2019 digitalization summit of manufacturing enterprises, guided by the Provincial Department of industry and information technology and hosted by UFIDA technology, was held in Zhengzhou. Wang Jianwei, deputy director of the Department of informatization and software services of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Yuchi Jian, director of the Department of high tech development and industrialization of the Ministry of science and technology, and Wang Jian, senior vice president of UFIDA technology, were invited to make a special report. Cities under the jurisdiction of all provinces More than 1000 people attended the meeting, including the heads of the industry and information technology departments directly under the jurisdiction of the province and the representatives of key enterprises. In the form of "1+4", the summit organized sub forums around the themes of "industrial interconnection, cloud leading manufacturing", "intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management", "real-time accounting, intelligent services", "new channels, new retail, new business" to discuss the core issues that need to be solved in the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, so as to effectively improve the ideology and transformation and development ability of enterprise leaders

the provincial industrial interconnection platform construction training docking activity was successfully held

on the afternoon of April 11, the Provincial Department of industry and information technology held the provincial industrial interconnection platform construction training docking activity in Zhengzhou, with more than 200 representatives from domestic well-known industrial interconnection platform service providers and provincial key manufacturing enterprises participating in the activity. Xiao Linlin, director of the Industrial Informatization Research Office of the national industrial information security development research center, was invited to interpret the white paper on the innovation and development of industrial interconnection platforms. Huawei, Hollysys, Beijing Suowei, Chinatelecom, Shanghai Youye and other service providers conducted on-site promotion and docking in the fields of industrial interconnection platform infrastructure, data collection, production management, industrial app application and so on, It also provided special guidance on the cultivation and application of 2019 Henan industrial interconnection platform, helped manufacturing enterprises improve their understanding of industrial interconnection platform, and jointly explored the path and mode of industrial interconnection platform construction by establishing a mutually beneficial cooperation mechanism with service providers

accelerate the promotion of enterprise intelligent transformation diagnosis services in many places

Zhengzhou set up a special fund of 6million yuan in 2019 to provide free intelligent transformation diagnosis services for 200 industrial enterprises in the city through government purchase services. At present, the public bidding announcement of purchase services has been released through official media such as Henan provincial government procurement and Zhengzhou municipal government procurement. Since March 19, Luoyang has organized nine intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers, such as aerospace cloud, XCMG information and Luoyang base of Tsinghua high end Institute, to carry out on-site guidance and diagnosis. At present, 62 manufacturing enterprises have been diagnosed and more than 150 questions have been answered on site. Seven manufacturing enterprises, including Yongsheng in the north, have signed intentional cooperation agreements with suppliers, realizing full coverage of 17 counties (cities, districts) in the city. From April 1 to 4, Xinyang organized intelligent manufacturing technology experts from the sixth Academy of machinery engineering to carry out on-site diagnosis in seven enterprises, including Henan Aerospace Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Henan Tianyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., to provide technical consulting and services for enterprises in the fields of lean management, intelligent energy solutions, intelligent manufacturing promotion strategies, etc. In 2019, Xinyang will focus on the implementation of the activity of "intelligent transformation diagnosis service into 100 enterprises", providing intelligent transformation diagnosis services to 100 enterprises and issuing personalized diagnosis reports to 20 enterprises

Shangqiu City carried out observation and comment activities on intelligent transformation projects

from April 11 to 12, Shangqiu City organized the first observation and comment activities on intelligent transformation projects in the city in 2019. Niyumin, liumingliang, leaders of Shangqiu City, and 44 people from relevant departments directly under the municipal government and heads of county (District) governments formed an observation group to observe and observe 45 intelligent transformation projects in 9 counties (districts) of the city on the spot. An observation and comment meeting was held in the afternoon of April 12 to score and evaluate the progress of intelligent transformation projects in all counties (districts). Xiayi County, Minquan County, Sui County and Yucheng County achieved good results, It has effectively promoted the exchange of experience across the country

Xinxiang and Luohe held a meeting to arrange and deploy the key work of intelligent manufacturing

Xinxiang held the 2019 Municipal Industrial Conference on April 12. Wangdengxi, mayor of Xinxiang Municipal government, said that in 2019, we should adhere to the transformation direction of high-end, green, intelligent and integrated, and further promote the "three transformations" (intelligent transformation, green transformation and technological transformation) "Three experts believe that the great integration" (the integration of industrialization and industrialization, the integration of manufacturing and service industries, and the integration of military and civilian), "three special projects" (new energy batteries, electronic information, and Modern Textiles), deepen enterprise services, and boost high-quality development with the new improvement of industrial economy. The meeting issued documents such as the implementation plan of "three major transformations" for the transformation and development of Xinxiang City in 2019, the fourth largest category of emerging new basic materials, thermal insulation plastic building materials, the implementation plan of Xinxiang City for the promotion of informatization in 2019, and the compilation of industrial and informatization development policy opportunities. Luohe City held a city wide industrial informatization work conference on April 12, with more than 100 municipal, county (District) heads of industry and information technology departments and representatives of key enterprises attending the conference. The meeting commended the advanced counties and districts in economic operation, the advanced counties and districts in "three major transformations" and the advanced counties and districts in enterprise service. In 2019, Luohe City will accelerate the intelligent transformation of complete production lines of leading industries, the digital upgrading and transformation of chemical and other industries, the construction of intelligent workshops and intelligent factories in food and other industries, implement more than 200 technological transformation projects, and complete an investment of more than 20billion yuan

Zhengzhou accelerates the promotion of "enterprise cloud"

in order to ensure the smooth completion of the annual "enterprise cloud" task, Zhengzhou has established and improved the regular promotion mechanism of enterprise cloud. The Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology organizes cloud service providers and enterprises under its jurisdiction to discuss and communicate on a quarterly basis and by month. From late March to early April, Xinzheng City, economic development zone and other counties (cities, districts) successively held the first enterprise cloud promotion meeting this year, laying a good foundation for the "enterprise cloud" work

On April 9, Anyang Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology issued the list of 2019 municipal intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises. 35 enterprises including Henan Guangyuan new materials Co., Ltd. were selected, covering metallurgy, chemical industry, clothing, new energy, food and medicine, equipment manufacturing, auto parts and other industries. Anyang will play the leading role of demonstration enterprises to speed up the intelligent transformation of enterprise production lines and the construction of intelligent workshops and intelligent factories in the industry

Xuchang held 5g project release and industry docking activities

on April 11, Xuchang held 5g project release and industry docking activities, attended by Wen Xiangming, vice president of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Zhao Wenfeng, executive vice mayor of Xuchang municipal government, and Liu Shengli, vice mayor. At the event, experts such as Wang Luhan, assistant professor of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Wang Chunhui, President of the Institute of information industry development strategy of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, and Yang Ye, vice president of Shanghai Precision Medical Co., Ltd. delivered keynote speeches around the 5g industry. This weakness in urban and rural areas of the city seriously restricted the development of spray free materials. The integrated demonstration area signed a strategic cooperation agreement on car coupling projects with Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Zhuhai IOT Industry Association has signed a friendly association with Xuchang IOT Association, and the municipal government service and Big Data Management Bureau has signed cooperation agreements with a number of foreign enterprises

Hebi 5g Industrial Park starts

on April 2, China Hebi 5g Industrial Park officially launched the new standard on the basis of the old standard. Ma Fuguo, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Guo Hao, mayor, attended the launching ceremony. The industrial park plans to build 5g Technology Research Institute, 5g device testing center, 5g application experience Park, leading enterprise cultivation base, innovative enterprise incubation base, science and technology leading talent creation base, innovative team practice base, University "new engineering" training base, IOT engineer training base, etc., to provide technical support, talent supply, application demonstration, business cooperation, equity investment Supply chain supporting and site guarantee and other whole industry ecological chain services. At present, the industrial park has achieved full 5g network coverage, and "one base and three centers", Alibaba cloud Innovation Center (Hebi) base, agricultural Silicon Valley, national optoelectronics and other enterprises have signed contracts to settle in

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