Application of the hottest spraying alloy powder

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Application of thermal spraying alloy powder

thermal spraying is a surface strengthening technology, which has always been a key new technology project in China. It uses heat sources in the form of electric arc, plasma arc, gas oxygen, etc. to heat metal or non-metallic materials to the molten or semi molten state, and atomize them into fine droplets or high-temperature particles under the action of high-speed airflow, and spray them to the treated workpiece surface at a very high flight speed to form a solid covering layer, so that the workpiece surface can obtain different hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, heat insulation, insulation Conductivity, sealing, disinfection, anti microwave radiation and other special physical and chemical properties. It can repair the old and make good use of the waste in equipment maintenance, and make the scrapped parts "come back from the dead"; It can also be strengthened in the manufacturing of new products. If it is not the manufacturer, the price is relatively higher than the manufacturer's price and pre protection, so as to "prolong life"

spraying powder plays a very important role in the whole thermal spraying materials. Thermal spraying alloy powder includes nickel base, iron base and cobalt base alloy powder. Let's talk about the maintenance methods of these equipment. According to different coating hardness, they are applied to the repair and protection of mechanical parts. After years of development, our technology of thermal spraying has formed a complete equipment research and production system in China. At present, there are more than 20 units engaged in this work, such as Beijing power supply system, which can produce various types of oxyacetylene flame spraying equipment, spray melting equipment, arc spraying equipment, complete sets of plasma spraying equipment, spray welding equipment, various special supporting equipment, etc. (end)

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