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Gradually replace scaffolding aerial work vehicles to dominate future aerial work

gradually replace scaffolding aerial work vehicles to dominate future aerial work

China Construction machinery information

Guide: the products of China's construction machinery industry are divided into 20 categories, among which, excavators, loaders and other products with wide markets, large sales and large competition often get more attention, However, the small classification of aerial work vehicles is often ignored to further improve the utilization of non-metallic materials and solutions in automobiles. But in recent years, JLG, Terex genie, Haulotte, Aichi

the products of China's construction machinery industry are divided into 20 major categories, among which excavators, loaders and other products have a wide market, large sales and large competition, which often get more attention, while the small category of aerial work vehicles is often ignored

however, in recent years, foreign-funded aerial work machinery giants such as JLG, Terex genie, Haulotte, Aichi, Skyjack and upright have successively entered China and set up factories in China. Domestic mainstream construction machinery enterprises XCMG, Zoomlion and Shantui machinery have also begun to enter the field of aerial work vehicles; Not only that, the growth performance of domestic enterprises such as Beijing heavy industry, Xuzhou hailunzhe, northern transportation, Xingbang, Dingli, Fuman, Yunxiang is also quite amazing. What prompted such a concentrated group of enterprises to start to pay close attention to the aerial work vehicle market

for this reason, we interviewed Mr. Xiao Chongan, general manager of Hunan Xiaozai Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., a rising star in the domestic construction machinery leasing industry

Mr. Xiao Chongan said: due to the wide range of application fields of aerial work vehicles: municipal, electric power, urban transportation, highways, bridges, railways, shipbuilding, communications, architecture, gardens, advertising, airports, ports, stations, television broadcasting... Aerial work vehicles can be seen in almost all commercial and industrial fields. Therefore, this kind of machinery with wide applications and good market prospects has attracted the attention of many construction machinery enterprises at home and abroad, which leads to the above situation

then Mr. Xiao Chongan answered a series of market problems of aerial work vehicles for us

market differentiation of aerial work vehicles at home and abroad

as early as 2011, the market capacity of aerial work vehicles of foreign-funded enterprises in China has exceeded 1billion yuan, while Guinness and JLG accounted for about 60% of the market share. Self propelled aerial work vehicles, about 30% of which are sold to shipyards, are mainly used for painting, welding, feeding, maintenance and other work in shipyards; About 30% are sold to large and medium-sized leasing companies; About 30% are sold through agent channels

in recent years, domestic machinery and equipment manufacturers have made continuous efforts, and some enterprises have emerged, such as Beijing heavy industry, Xuzhou hailunzhe, northern communications, Xingbang, Dingli, Fuman, Yunxiang and so on, which have become stronger and stronger, gradually occupying the domestic market and even exporting overseas

the shipyard used to use scaffolds, which took a long time to build and dismantle. Now the cost of using the dock in a day is nearly 1million yuan. Therefore, considering the cost and safety, the shipyard has widely used aerial work vehicles. It is mainly 26~38m straight arm type, with an average service life of 10 years. The procurement volume of large and medium-sized state-owned shipbuilding enterprises is the largest, but due to the limitation of fixed asset investment of state-owned enterprises, the procurement volume is still limited to a certain extent. Private small and medium-sized shipyards are more inclined to purchase domestic aerial work vehicles due to the problem of financial strength

aerial work vehicles are also widely used in other industrial fields, such as automobiles, chemicals, electronics, food, tobacco, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Another area of use is public facilities, such as stadiums, railway stations, parks, amusement parks and schools

about the domestic aerial vehicle rental market, we interviewed Mr. Xiao Chongan, general manager of Xiaozai enterprise management company. Xiao Chongan said: in foreign countries, most of these customers should be typical leasing customers. In China, it is more about self purchase, which comes from the long-term habit of using equipment. However, considering the small number of aerial work vehicles, the rush time and high price, this habit is constantly changing. More and more enterprises are considering renting aerial work vehicles from leasing companies

factors restricting the development of aerial work vehicles

Mr. Xiao Chongan said: in North America, the annual sales of aerial work vehicle market exceeds 2billion US dollars. 70% of the demand for aerial work vehicles comes from the non civil construction market, such as shopping malls, warehouses, workshops and other construction processes, of which 95% use the equipment of rental companies. In China, aerial work vehicles have only begun to grow in the construction engineering market since 2010. United Leasing, the largest leasing company in the United States, It has aerial work vehicles "More than 40000 units, Hertz leasing has more than 20000 units.

aerial work platforms can be scaffolds, aerial work vehicles, fixed platforms, etc., of which aerial work vehicles are the most efficient. In a small construction site in the United States, the monthly rent of the common 1530 aerial work vehicles is 1/4 of the monthly salary of general construction workers, while in China, it is 4 times or even higher than the monthly salary of construction workers.

Xiao Chongan said first: in China Cheap labor is one of the factors that restrict the development of aerial vehicles in China. However, in recent years, the annual growth rate of domestic construction workers' wages has exceeded 7%, and with the weakening of the demographic dividend and the intensification of inflation, the wage growth rate of domestic construction workers will be higher and higher. The unfavorable factor of labor cost will gradually turn into a positive factor for the aerial work vehicle market

an important reason for the safety accidents of construction projects in China is the non-standard use of scaffolds, baskets and other tools. If scaffolds are replaced by aerial work vehicles, the accident rate and casualties will drop significantly. It is an irresistible development process that aerial work vehicles replace scaffolds, and then adjust the range to the required tools according to the actual rough measurement results to replace backward tools

another reason is that most domestic buildings use cast-in-place concrete technology, while foreign countries generally use steel structures. Because the cast-in-place concrete cannot be degraded in nature within 50 years, the use, transportation and pumping of commercial concrete will cost a huge amount of costs. Therefore, the government has paid attention to these problems and began to vigorously promote steel structures. If steel structure buildings become the mainstream market and technology with good electrical insulation of ABS, the market of aerial work vehicles will continue to expand. The use of aerial work vehicles is large in Olympic venues with steel structures such as the bird's nest and CCTV buildings

the rapid development of the leasing industry will stimulate the maturity of the market

among leasing companies, Hertz and jinheyuan occupy nearly 50% of the aerial work vehicle leasing market. Hertz equipment leasing is one of the largest equipment leasing companies in the world. Founded in 1965, it has served customers from all walks of life in North America and Europe for more than 40 years. Hertz Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. rents imported aerial vehicles, air compressors, generators, forklifts, lighthouses and other equipment in China. Shanghai jinheyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 2008 with a registered capital of 6.6 million US dollars, is a professional lessee of aerial work equipment. Located in Shanghai, it is a joint venture jointly funded by Japanese leasing giants kanamoto group, Miyuan group and Orix company. Both leasing companies have strong financial strength

the customers of these leasing companies are all high-quality customers, including Disney, WorldExpo, Olympic engineering and events, and program broadcasters. The average equipment rental rate can reach 60% - 70%. A salesperson who rents aerial work vehicles can manage 50 vehicles. A dozen people are enough for a large regional leasing company

in a word, with the development of society, the factors affecting the development of aerial work vehicles will continue to weaken. The rental market of aerial work vehicles will be more and more extensive and mature. It is believed that in the near future, the backward scaffolding will eventually step down from the stage of aerial work, and more aerial work vehicle manufacturing enterprises and leasing companies will emerge in China. Based on the fact that there are challenges at the same time, who has standardized services, who can provide more guarantees and create more value for customers, will dominate the aerial work market in the future

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