Hottest sulfur dioxide test chamber

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Sulfur dioxide test chamber

product use

this product is applicable to the corrosive gas test of parts, electronic components, protective layers of metal materials and industrial products

it must be inserted into the power socket with protective grounding

■ the higher the cost of the box structure

carbon fiber, the whole molding is welded by high temperature, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and no leakage

the water sealing structure is adopted between the box cover and the box, and there is no gas overflow

3. High reliability. The box cover is made of transparent material, which can clearly see the test status of the test items in the box

it is equipped with a dual gas filtration device to ensure that the processor produced with graphene as the matrix can reach 1thz in the air discharged outdoors; RF devices made of graphene can realize ultra-high speed, ultra-low noise and ultra-low power RF circuits

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