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Strategic printing - strategic turning point

"the rolling Yangtze River flows eastward, the waves wash away the heroes, the success or failure turns to the sky, the green mountains are still there, and the sunset is red for several times"

since the 1980s, China's reform and opening up has a history of more than 20 years. During this period, China's economy has made remarkable achievements. As the trendsetter of the times, Chinese entrepreneurs have experienced hardships and ups and downs in the business sea of high light silver and bright black spray free materials developed by Jin min. It can be said that China's reform and opening up over the past 20 years is also an epic that records the breeding and development of several generations of Chinese entrepreneurs. Looking back, I feel a little vicissitudes. Those enterprises that developed "blowout" in the past eventually collapsed "avalanche", and the times have long submerged their old myths like waves. Today, when we take stock of their past success or failure, compared with the winners of their contemporaries, the conclusion of these losers is so clear. Most of them are not lost in the operation of enterprises, but the real reason for their failure is that enterprises can no longer adapt to the changing "ecological environment". After all, "natural selection and survival of the fittest" is the purpose of the evolution of everything in the world

China's reform and opening-up is so rapid that the world's major powers have gone through the road for hundreds of years, and we need to go through it in decades, which determines that "change" is the theme of the whole era. If you want to make waves in the times, whether you can keep up with the pace of "change" has almost become the standard for judging the success or failure of right and wrong. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the reform, the hero was almost reckless. When the external or internal environment of the enterprise changes significantly, their experiments show that they are often unaware of the strategic turning point faced by the enterprise. When the environment changes, when the strategic turning point occurs, they either expand blindly, or stay the same, and remain complacent. Finally, they can only be washed away by the tide of the great era. It can be said that they are the victims of the strategic turning point

what is a strategic turning point

the concept of a strategic turning point was first proposed by Andrew Grove, former president of Intel in the book "only paranoia can survive". In this book, he talked about the importance of strategic turning point more than once. For strategic turning point, he gave a very classic definition in the book: "it is the moment when the foundation of the enterprise is about to change. This change may mean that the enterprise has the opportunity to rise to a new height, but it may also mark the beginning of decline."

from the definition of strategic turning point, it is not difficult to see that strategic turning point is like a double-edged sword for enterprises. When the strategic turning point comes, if you actively deal with it and carry out precise operations, the old strategy will be replaced by the new one, and the strategic turning point will become an opportunity for enterprises to take off, and you will rise to a new height; If you let it go or go against the current, the strategic turning point will kill the enterprise. This is because when the strategic turning point occurs, the balance of various factors, whether in structure, competition mode or business model, will be broken again to achieve a new combination. No one will ring the alarm bell for you in advance to remind you that you are on the edge of transformation. This is a gradual process. Various factors quietly accumulated and began to change the characteristics of enterprises. If you only know that there is change, but don't know what is changing, the enterprise will gradually lose control of the operation. It can be said that the strategic turning point directly prints the A4 format report, which directly determines the survival of the enterprise

how to deal with the strategic turning point

the strategic turning point will have a profound impact on the enterprise, and the enterprise's handling of this turning point directly determines the future of the enterprise. So how do we deal with the strategic turning point? Strategy focuses on the future, but no one knows when the turning point will come. Therefore, entrepreneurs are required to do three things well:

1. Scientific perspective strategic expectation

scientific perspective strategic expectation, and predict when the strategic turning point will come. (of course, the strategic turning point is not easy to predict,) this requires scientific methods and quite high strategic vision

2. Be prepared and accumulate

capital accumulation, talent accumulation, resource accumulation. Only when the strategic turning point comes can we react immediately. Seize the opportunity

3. Grasp the development direction

the arrival of the strategic turning point is the redistribution of social wealth, that is, the time to reshuffle. Only by firmly grasping the direction of development and formulating reasonable strategic development steps can we win in the future

analysis of the current strategic situation

whether you like it or not, the era we live in is changing quietly, and a new era has arrived

when Mr. Schwab, chairman of the world economic forum, came to China, Once said a very classic sentence: "globalization is like the rising sun, which is an indisputable fact. The 21st century will be the century of globalization, just as the 20th century was dominated by industrialization, but there is still one difference: the industrial revolution took 100 years to distinguish winners and losers, that is, the so-called industrial countries and underdeveloped countries, and this process only takes 20 years in the process of globalization." The remarkable characteristics of the globalized economy are that the geographical concepts of supply, production and marketing of product production will basically disappear, the flow of funds and products will become very easy and convenient worldwide, and the instantaneous communication of global economic information will integrate the world economy. The economic characteristics of globalization have brought opportunities and competition of globalization

first is opportunity

a direct consequence of the era of globalization is the rapid expansion of large multinational corporations or multinational groups worldwide, the rise of multinational corporations, and the strategic adjustment of the world's industrial structure. China, known as the "world factory" for its cost advantage, is facing huge market opportunities. The reason for this is because of the following figures:

the subcontracting business of global multinational corporations reached $4trillion in 2002

in 2003, the subcontracting business of global multinational corporations reached $5trillion

the subcontracting business of global multinational companies will reach 20 trillion US dollars in 2010 (expected)

China's GDP in 2003 was only $1trillion

at present, 95% of the global multinational corporations have or are going to build their Asian headquarters in China

it is not difficult to see from these figures that the outsourcing scale of the global economy is huge, which has far exceeded our past development level. Exposure to the global economy will have a far-reaching impact on China. Our party also put forward in the report of the 16th National Congress: "the next two + years will be an important period of strategic opportunities for our country that must be firmly seized and can make great achievements." The globalized economy is a historical opportunity, and the times will give China a new mission

so, how is our current development? The following is a quote from the 2004 "first quarter macroeconomic operation analysis report": "in the first quarter of 2004, China's economy grew strongly, with GDP increasing by 9.7% year-on-year and fixed asset investment increasing by 47.8%. In the first quarter, the added value of Industrial Enterprises above designated size increased by 17.7% year-on-year". Opportunities are in front of us, and only development is the unchanging truth

talk about challenges again

China has joined the WTO and will fully participate in global competition. Enterprises are facing the challenges of "internationalization of operation, globalization of competition, networking of management, and diversification of demand". To enter the international market and survive in the rapidly changing market environment, our printing enterprises need to strengthen their own "software" and "hardware". However, from the current situation, the situation of enterprises is not optimistic, especially the "software" part. Compared with large international enterprises, there is a big gap in enterprise system, management mode, management means and personnel quality. Only by improving the enterprise's own quality and management level can it truly move towards the international stage

the new era is coming, and the historical opportunity is coming. This is a fact that no one can change. Every printing enterprise will experience this great strategic turning point

entrepreneurs in the printing industry, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various experimental machines. Are you ready? Finally, I would like to conclude with the warning motto of the great man Dr. Sun Yat Sen: "the general trend of the world is vast, and those who follow it prosper, while those who oppose it die."

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