A paper mill in beienshi, the hottest lake, was or

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A paper mill in Enshi, Hubei Province was ordered to stop production.

Enshi Maosen Trading Co., Ltd. idled the pollution treatment facilities without authorization, and discharged a large amount of toxic wastewater into Qingshui River, a tributary of Qingjiang River, making Qingshui River a muddy river with a strong odor and black water. But what is the future of the company under the strong appeal of Enshi CPPCC members and residents along the river? Industry experts said that they were ordered to stop production by Enshi Environmental Protection Bureau on October 23

Maosen company is an enterprise that uses waste paper to produce toilet paper. Its paper workshop was originally located in Enshi urban area. Due to serious pollution and strong response from surrounding people, it was forced to relocate to an idle school in the suburbs in April, 1999. Last year, Enshi Municipal government listed Maosen company as a key enterprise with "one control and two standards", and ordered the company to thoroughly control pollution and discharge "three wastes" according to national environmental protection standards. To this end, the enterprise invested more than 60000 yuan to build a sewage sedimentation tank and a boiler water film dust removal device. On November 12 last year, the company's pollution control was checked and accepted by Enshi Environmental Protection Bureau and was recognized as up to standard

since the beginning of summer this year, the company will automatically stop idling environmental protection facilities without authorization when the company breaks down. It will only discharge sewage in the dead of night, and the daily discharge of papermaking sewage is about 30 tons. The company's papermaking wastewater contains strong alkali, bleach, lead, cadmium and other toxic heavy metals dissolved from waste paper, which are discharged into Qingshui stream, causing all organisms in the stream to die. Villagers in Gaoqiao and yueyueyan villages on both sides of Qingshui River have been deeply affected. Hundreds of farmers dare not wash in the streams, and dare not divert streams to develop downstream industrial water such as new environmentally friendly packaging materials, fiber materials, plastic products, medical materials and automotive interior materials based on polylactic acid to irrigate farmland. More than 1300 livestock have difficulty drinking water

after being informed of the relevant situation, Yan Liangrong and Xie Junqing, members of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference of Enshi Prefecture, visited both banks of Qingshui River and Maosen company for several times, and wrote a report on the pollution situation and submitted it to the Enshi Prefecture Party committee and the state government. Zhou Xianwang, vice governor of Enshi Prefecture, instructed the environmental protection department to investigate and deal with it quickly

according to Yang xumin, deputy director of Enshi Environmental Protection Bureau, after on-site investigation, the environmental supervision team of Enshi Environmental Protection Bureau found that the fact that Maosen company exceeded the standard to discharge wastewater and pollute Qingshui River was clear, which obviously violated the relevant national environmental protection regulations and must be discontinued for treatment

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