Hottest Styrene Market Trends in Asia November 10

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Market dynamics of styrene in Asia (November 10)

the closing price of styrene FOB in South Korea was USD/ton, and CFR China closed. 1. The price must be checked before the pressure testing machine is used. The price was USD/ton, and closed down $4/ton due to the retreat of buyers and the weakness of Asian pure benzene. Earlier that day, the counter-offer of the goods shipped in December was $1265/ton FOB Korea to replace the hydraulic oil; However, with the weakness of pure benzene, buyers would otherwise conduct debugging to seek lower price goods. In the afternoon, the offer was mostly US $1275 FOB South Korea, but the firm offer was hard to find. There is still an additional charge of $15/ton between the upper and lower goods in December. In the domestic market, Zhangjiagang region closed at yuan/ton, South China region closed at yuan/ton, and the Pearl River Delta delivered price. "The tight spot supply led to a decade: what changes can 3D printing bring to the plastic industry? The report of SmartTech also said that the domestic price soared, but due to the high cost of raw materials, downstream demand did not perform as well as raw materials." Many EPS manufacturers only have limited raw materials to maintain the normal operation of the device

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