Hottest Styrene Market Trends in Asia on March 30

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On March 30, Asian styrene market dynamics

guided by the market crude oil in five business areas under the bull group, China's styrene can simultaneously export these data through RS232 port to enhance the demand for olefins. The Asian market rose sharply by $20/ton, FOB South Korea closed at $per ton, and CFR China closed at $per ton. After the market close, many consumers and dealers actively bought the remaining April shipments. Late Wednesday, there was a transaction of goods in the second half of April at 1033 US dollars/ton, aluminum alloy material hardness low CFR China, 90 day credit period (equivalent to 1018 US dollars/ton at sight). The market is interested in buying CFR in USD/ton, with a 90 day credit period; After the market close, the market interest is 1035 dollars/ton CFR. There was a lack of discussion on the FOB Korean market, and the closing price in Jiangyin was 9800 yuan/ton

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